Today, Iran is one of the largest producers and exporters of date worldwide. Moreover, date is also valuable products for export, so the packaging must be very carefully and delicately for export and sale in different regions.

Thus, today’s date packaging and covering boxes are of high importance. Through optimal use of packaging, the value and price of this ancient fruit can increase in international markets and have a better profit for the producer and exporter.

Today, in world markets, in addition to the quality and taste of exported food, the type of packaging and other aspects of appearance are very important for individuals and buyers, and also buyers of these expensive products are interested in date and products with more stylish and beautiful packaging.

Date Packaging
Date Packaging

Date Packaging Boxes in Sadaf Pack Factory

As mentioned, for the sale and export of products, particularly food products, and to increase the value of dates, appropriate tin-box containers, poly-crystal containers, and boxes should be used.

Since this article deals with date packaging, it introduces some suitable packs for exporting dates.

Date Packaging Design

Beautiful packaging
date packaging

As explained earlier, if the packaging is done in the best possible way, it increases the packaged product’s value and price. Dates are also among products that need to have beautiful export packages.

In date packaging design, some principles and rules should be observed that make this product more beautiful and more valuable for people and buyers. In designing date packs, in Sadaf Toos Plastic Industries Production Company (Sadaf Pack), we have attempted to follow the principles of covering in designing date packages. There are various packages in the world today, and also luxury date packaging attracts many people.

Date Packaging

Date Packaging Box

Today, many boxes are also used for packing dates. In what follows next, some crystal and metal date-packing boxes are introduced.

Rectangular 100 Crystal Box

One of the best boxes for packing dates is a Rectangular 100 Crystal Design produced by Sadaf Pack factory.

Sadaf Pack factory’s Rectangular 100 Crystal Design is made of polystyrene. This transparent box is designed so that the dates inside the box are completely visible. This box is suitable for packing dates.

Rectangular 400 Crystal Design Box

Rectangular 400 Crystal Design Box is a very good and beautiful crystal box for packing dates. Like Rectangular 100 Crystal Box, this box is transparent and allows buyers to see all the contents of the box without opening the lid.

19×14, 3 cm Metal Box

19×14, 3-4 cm box is a metal box suitable for packing dates. These metal boxes are very beautiful and well-designed that make customers feel good.

15×10, 3 cm Metal Box

Like the metal box introduced earlier, another 14×10, 3-4 cm box is also suitable for packing saffron, which is smaller in size. Like other metal boxes produced by Sadaf Pack, this box has different designs that can make buyers feel good.

Beautiful packaging

Date Packing Bag

Other types of packaging that can be used instead of covering for this delicious fruit are date kraft bags, date oyster bags, and other laminate bags produced by Sadaf Pack Factory.

These packs are mostly used for packing dried dates because fresh dates are greasy and sticky and stick to the sides of the bags.

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